Fashion Law - What Does a Fashion Lawyer Do?

Fashion lawyers are specially trained to work in the fashion industry and they deal with any legal issues which pertain to the world of fashion and accessories. Fashion law might sound like a new term but in actuality it’s been present ever since the fashion industry itself turned into a booming business. For decades lawyers have been handling issues of their clients who work in the fashion world. These include issues of copying a particular design, the sale of a fashion accessory to acquiring or selling any international or national fashion brand.

They can help provide the right counselling at any time. This counselling is related to matters like mergers and acquisitions and everything in between. Fashion lawyers can be employed by an individual designer or a house of fashion.

So what does a fashion lawyer deal with?

Drafting and negotiation

Like any other lawyer, a fashion lawyer is entrusted with the duty of drafting and negotiating contracts. They are responsible for copyright and intellectual issues as well which may arise anytime a product is launched in the market. They also deal with infringement law which occurs when an intellectual property is misused.

Their clients can range from fashion designers, models, photographers, business houses and retail businesses as well.

Area of study

Since fashion la is a relatively new genre when compared to other law disciplines there aren’t many institutes which provide the right training to become a fashion lawyer. There are certain education programs which solely focus on fashion law and are aimed at providing legal counselling for designer and all those who work in the fashion industry.

There are special courses like fashion law and financing, fashion ethics, fashion sustainability and development etc. all these courses aim to equip lawyers with the correct know how of helping their clients in the fashion industry.

Fashion law is developing slowly to become a specialisation in its own way. Lots of lawyers are now looking to break into fashion law. They simply need to equip themselves with the right knowledge and undergo the right training.

The internet is responsible for increasing the legal issues pertaining to the fashion world. It is now more than easier to copy a design or simply use it as an excuse for inspiration. For help on protecting your trademarks, visit for profession advice on how to protect your intellectual property.

How can I be a fashion lawyer?

There are very few law firms which specialise in fashion law. However, if you plan to become a fashion lawyer you would need to take the right courses. These disciplines would include things like infringement law, copyright infringement, business and finance law, government law and a plethora of other specialisations. You can volunteer to provide services to the fashion industry as well because it provides a great opportunity for learning the ropes. Similarly you could intern at a music lawyers office to learn all there is to intellectual property law.